Skip Goucher misrepresented himself as the creative designer and an owner of the club.  He never owned shares but claimed he owned some of Allan's shares.

Dannys Reasons at the Alps

Danny Stevens with Dick Clark

Danny, Mickey, Ross Ingram, and Chuck Edwards 1968 Star Tribune

Danny's Reasons were formed in 1964.  Originally consisting of Danny Stevens, Mickey Stevens, Ceedy Van Dusen, Bob Gonya,  and Frank Marino. After being presented on Dick Clark's music showcase program, the band's popularity only rose from there.

Very questionable individuals that were associates with Allan who claimed to have owned some of Allan's stock in The Depot.  

Pictured from left to right is the Connie Award wining "Best Show Group" and labeled as the most influential Midwest rock and roll band during the 1960's and 1970's, Danny's Reasons: Ross Ingram, voted #1 bass player at the Connie Awards; Mick Stevens; Steve Mauer, voted #1 drummer in the upper Midwest and the first to use "double bass" drums; Chuck Edwards, voted #1 best rhythm guitar player in the Midwest; and founder Danny Stevens, voted best Showman and best Lead Vocalist.

Also pictured with television host Bill Carlson is Lynn Lawyer, a publicist and influential early supporter of Danny and the band Danny's Reasons. It is because of people like Lynn, manager David Zimmerman (Bob Dylan's brother), Beacom Associates, and their booking agent Dick Shapiro that Danny's Reasons became the undisputed most famous rock and roll band in the Midwest/TwinCities in the 1960's and 1970's.

The group listed in the 1999 Grammy Booklet

Pioneer Press August 9th, 1972

For over 40 years Danny's Reasons have represented the Twin Cities all over the country, and proven their longevity.  Assuming you're in the right place, you can still catch a Danny's Reasons show this weekend. 

Danny Stevens, of Danny's Reasons.

Minnesota's first teen idol.

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American Bandstand days.  Danny with Paul McCormick, famous lead guitar player.

Danny Stevens' group Danny's Reasons perform Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Let It Ride" live on April 28, 2007 at their induction into the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame at the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota.

Courtesy of SubCinemaTV

In these days the band played with other acts like Bobby Vintton, Little Eva, Joey D and the Starlighters, Fabian, Dion, The Ventures, Johnny and the Hurricanes, Big D Irwin, The Dovelles, The Coasters, as well as many other American Bandstand groups

Skip Goucher

Jimmy Lawrence and Danny Stevens at Times Square nightclub

**New** A very rare psychedelic Punk Rock album featuring music from Danny Stevens and Danny's Reasons was recently discovered! 

Pebbles, Original Punk Rock from the Psycedelic Sixties- 
This album was released in 1987 as an LP by AIP Records and was kept in limited print making it quite rare and highly coveted by collectors. This is the last of the conventional Pebbles LPs and considered to be one of the greatest psychedelic garage band albums featuring the hit song, Triangles, by Danny Stevens (1967).

"Danny Stevens, otherwise known as Danny Capri, fronted the Minneapolis band from 1965 until at least 1972 when their last record was released. But the early stuff is the best!..."

Tom Hopp, famous lead guitar player.

1969 Connie's Insider: State Fair issue, this picture was the most talked about picture at the Minnesota State Fair. Over 200,000 people received this issue at the fair that year. The issue packed audiences in for the Danny's Reasons' shows at the fair.

At the State Teen Fair (1964) This lineup was seen on WCCO 5 times

Questions remain about the relationship of the type of individuals that associated with Allan and a member of the Fingerhut's and Tom Petters 

After taking on David Zimmerman (Bob Dylan's brother) as manager and Dick Shapiro as promoter, Danny's Reasons began touring the Midwest's massive college scene. From there they began tours, first on the west coast, Hollywood, Los Angeles, then being booked for two week stints at places like New York's "The Trick". Though gaining renown all over the country Danny's Reasons always saw themselves as a Twin Cities group, never relocating or shying away from their roots.

Danny Stevens with Dick Clark


Danny Stevens was the creative mastermind and founder of the music venue at the location of the old Greyhound bus depot, starting with The Depot nightclub.  Danny's relationship with Ted Mann (famous Mann theater) enabled the leasing of the famous location.

The idea that spawned the legendary nightclub started in 1968, long before Danny associated with Allan Fingerhut.

Mrs Heffelfinger was Danny Stevens' original partner when creating the concept of The Depot.  Danny had the lease of the building, the much sought after liquor license, and the wheels in motion to open up long before Allan was invited to participate.


Jimmy Lawrence

The Reasons were one of the only bands at the time in the area that could cross over from teen shows to night clubs to concerts, not being pinned to one style of venue as many of their counterparts were at the time.

Danny Stevens

For future bookings and purchases of the authentic Danny's Reasons CD- contact Mickey Stevens

They had their own national hits, and came together to form one powerful group...


Bill, and Danny's Reasons 

Joe Sandino was short-term manager at The Depot but was alleged to very "questionable."  Danny asked Joe, "Who hired you?" Danny was president at the time of The Committee.  Joe responded the Fingerhut's, and Allan and Byron approved the hire (without the permission and knowledge of Danny).    

In the early 1970's, Danny became the promotion director for Aeriloa, Mercury, and then Polygram Records after the company reformed it's business plan to have all their signed artists under one umbrella- as well as one promotion director overseeing those artists. These labels were; Casablanca, Mercury, London, Polydor, RSO, and several more. 

Sunday, March 4th, 1973, Star Tribune
Michael Anthony; Writer

Tom Hopps, (Guitarist, second on right of Danny) was brought into the group to compliment the Reasons' sound while they supported national acts that came through the Twin Cities and played The Depot. Tom was considered the best rock and roll vocalist and guitar player in the upper Midwest.  That year, Danny's Reasons won "Best Show Group", and Danny won "Best Showman" for the Connie awards. All those picutred above are now members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2007: Mickey Stevens, Danny, Jimmy Lawrence, Chuck Edwards, Keith Krupp and Tom Hopps)

Danny's Reasons featured with Janis Joplin

Following a show that the band played with Steppenwolf on August 8th, 1969, KDWB Radio pulled all advertisting that had anything to do with Danny's Reasons. This was decided after the The Reasons performed "... Songs which were highly suggestive of off color material..." Club owners and operators grew increasingly nervous; if they couldn't advertise the band that was already booked to play their nightclubs and concert halls attendance would plummet.  Though KDWB took a very harsh stance, (going so far as forbidding any employee of the radio station to even attend a Danny's Reasons show) it ultimately had the opposite effect: using the image of "banned in Boston", the band's popularity continued to sky rocket.

About Danny's Reasons

The corporation named, The Committee Inc., was originated by Mickey Stevens long before Allan's involvement. 

Wilson Simon

Danny's New Years Eve Invitation from Prince ​December 1987


Danny's Reasons has been respected by their peers and honored with awards by many distinguished organizations throughout their incredible five decades of making memorable music. In 1999, Danny Stevens and the Reasons were given the prestigous honor of being officially recognized by the Grammy's for their contributions to the music and entertainment industry.

Here is another group of musicians from the late 1960's that Danny Stevens, known as "the rock and roll musician factory maker," put together.  Celebrity musicians; Eddie Brown, Edgar Murphy, Carl Bradley, Danny Stevens, and Billy Franze.

Current/former members:
Danny Stevens. Carl Bradley. Mick Stevens. James Cross. Richard Washington. Todd Matheson. Richard Hiebler. Steve Fischer. Ed Meddock. Merlin Brunkow.
Hunter Bradley. Colleen Hiebeler. Jimmy Rodriguez. Paul Flum. Bill Franze. Larry McDonough. David "Fuzzy" Garnett. Terry Johnson. Wally Lockhart. Steven Landry. John Northrop. Bruce Jackson. Terry Ferguson. Edward "Rockie" Robbins. Richard Fobes. Jimmy Hill. Bobby landry. Louis Trejo Jr. Bobby Mead. Jimmy Lawrence. Rick Rizzo. Dick Pernah. Joel Gerris. Steve Mauer. Rory Lee. Dan Morgan. David Rodriguez Sr. Ross Ingram. Don Hastings. Jim Granger Sr. Cecil "Ceedy" Van Dusen. Frank Marino. Bob Gonya. Chuck Edwards. Keith Hanratty. Skip Dahlin. Ed Brown. Dik Hedlund. Bradford "Sparky" Bement. Jeff Kartak. Dan Fasching. Steve Cherewan. Andy Howe. Geoff Bouchler. Ron Scott. Gary Dupre. Tom Holter. Dan Thayer. Paul Strickland. Edgar Murphy. Brian Lind. John Garden. Jesse Bradley. Susan Ryan Dupre. Neil Judkins. Jeff Hill. Keith Krupp. Tom Hopps.

Danny Stevens with Gov. McGovern (while he was running for President of the United States) during a performance of Danny's Reasons that was held at the Minnesota Auditorium.  To the left of Danny Stevens is Timothy Kehr, recognized as the nation's #1 record promoter supporting groups from the Twin Cities. Timothy was personally responsible for the success of many of the best known bands of our generation and enabled local artists to achieve national success with musical groups such as Crow, The Trashmen, The Castaways, and of course Danny's Reasons.

Danny's Reason with Johnny Winter

**New** A fabulous compliation album featuring music from Danny Stevens and Danny's Reasons was recently discovered! 

Hipsville 29 B.C.- Rare and Obscure Garage Gems from the Sixties 
This LP was released in 1983 by Kramden Records as a garage band compilation album featuring music by The Sparkles, Danny's Reasons, the Dee-Jays, and many others. This album features Danny's rock classic, Little Diane (1966).

"...Little Diane is for those of us who still believe that, "The Bird is the Word!"

Star Tribune, Oct 12th, 1966.

Article from the Star Tribune/Minnesota Daily (U of M newpaper)

Jimmy Lawrence

Star Tribune, Oct, 1976

Late 1960's: Danny's Reasons performing at Magoo's/Mr. Lucky's with Cream (Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce) as their supporting act.  From left to right: Eric Clapton, Jimmy Lawrence (Voted best R&B singer at Connie Awards), Danny Stevens (Voted Best Showman at Connnie Awards), Keith Krupp (#1 Bass Player in upper Midwest at Connie Awards), Tom Hopps (Voted best Guitar Player and Rock n' Roll singer category at Connie Awards), drummer Bill.
The group won Best Show Group of the Year.

Danny Stevens Originated the Greatest Music Venue in the Midwest

​Danny's Reasons was the original "House Band" of The Depot (First Avenue)

1967 saw The Reasons first appearance at the Twin Cities' "Connie Awards", (Founded by record promoter Connie Hechter, editor of the area's music and entertainment periodical "Connie's Insider") members of the band had a hand in just about every conceiveable award presented, either winning or being nominated. This began the five year reign of The Reasons at the awards; from 1967 to 1972, they dominated the award ceremonies.

The lead signer of the band, Danny Stevens, also was the original founder of the historic nightclub The Depot/First Avenue.  Danny's Reasons played the club often and so it is important to recognize and clarify some misconceptions about its origin.


Close-up of the description of Danny's Reasons on Hipsville 29 B.C.a

Danny Stevens

Keith Krupp, and Danny's Reasons

Danny with Johnny Canton program director of WDGY radio. Opening night of Joe Cocker April 3, 1970

Wilson Simon, the night April 2nd, 1970, was alleged to have assaulted Allan and Abbey with witnesses at the MSP airport for not being invited to pick up famous musician Joe Cocker.  Wilson claimed to own some of Allan's shares.

1960's-70's Connie Award-winning band.  Carl Bradley, from Danny's Reasons (voted best Male R&B singer).  Danny Stevens, voted Best Showman and Lead Singer.

  • Mission Impossible1:02

Danny Stevens with legendary Minnesota Vikings Defensive Lineman, Jim Marshall, and his wife Annita. Jim Marshall along with Carl Eller, MN Supreme Court judge Allan Paige, were known as the "Purple People Eaters."  Danny was in a Time magazine featured article with the famous group.

Award winning Danny's Reasons with Danny, Ross Ingram, Carl Bradley, Jimmy Lawrence, and Rory Lee 

We hope you see why Danny's Reasons, for the last five decades, has been the number one rock n' roll and show group from the Midwest

Following two years of steady business, The Depot was faced with a reality: the public music scene was changing. Pyschedelic rock was out and disco was in. In order to stay on top of this new trend, the club needed to change its image. After a short remodel, The Depot evolved into "Uncle Sam's".

Picture of Danny's Reasons when they started up the Vincent Van Gaugh Go.  Cosmopolitan and Playboy featured nightclub.

Take a ride back in time and listen to Danny's Reasons live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Chuck Edwards​

Original The Depot announcement

The Committee owners, Danny Stevens and Allan Fingerhut in the empty Depot. Photo courtesy David Roth

Danny's Reason with OC Smith

Mickey Stevens at The Deopt/Uncle Sams

Danny Stevens with the world famous Hall and Oates at his Mt Curve mansion after the band visited The Depot.  On the left is John Oats and to the right is Darryl Hall.

Danny acquired a Class-A liqour license from the Hotel Hastings, a necessity if the club was going to be able to sell alcohol at their shows. When original financial partner Elizabeth Heffelfinger backed out due to illness, Danny was forced to bring in a second choice, Allan Fingerhut. Having no previous knowledge of public entertainment, nightclubs, or the music business, Fingerhut was strictly a financial partner, brought in after the project was already in motion.  

Danny and Ted Kennedy at the Minneapolis Auditorium 

Special thanks to Tom Cousins and the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting for supplying these amazing photos from the television show, "This Must be the Place" hosted by Bill Carlson on CBS Television.

Close-up of the description of Danny's Reasons on Pebbles.

Some of the groups Danny's Reasons have played with over the years:

The Rolling Stones
Eric Clapton
Frank Zappa
Village People
Otis Day
Bee Gees
Three Dog Night
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
The Doors
The Kinks
Country Joe & The Fish
Sly & The Family Stone
Everly Brothers

Freddy Cannon and Danny’s Reasons backstage at American Bandstand (1967)

**New** Discovered footage of Chubby Checker and the Reasons! Chubby has the #1 hit of all time "The Twist!"

At Dayton's downtown fashion showcase.  Picture from 1964's Dayton's Annual Report (only band ever highlighted in annual earnings report).

Danny Stevens of Danny's Reasons

The Minneapolis STAR - Friday, July 19, 1968

  • Mission Impossible1:02

Listen to the music that defined a generation!

  • Time4:03
  • Young Emotions2:54
  • With One Eye Closed2:34
  • Triangles2:07
  • Little Diane2:32

Steve Mauer, award winning drummer, Danny, Chuck Edwards, Ross Ingram, and Mickey Stevens

**New** Recently uncovered photos by retired photographer Alan Forrest featuring Danny Stevens and the Reasons.  

Described on Alan's website as the world's first "selfie" style photo, this early image of the band captures the timeless "cool factor" that has followed the band since its inception!  

Shown here with Danny's Reasons is Lynn Lawyer, a journalist from the Minneapolis StarTribune who is credited with being the most influential person to help establish Danny's Reasons as the Rock & Roll band of the 60's and 70's.

Danny Stevens Crowning "Miss 16" of the Minneapolis Aquatennial

Artful Living

​Autumn 2018 Magazine 

Danny and Jimmy Reed, program director of KDWB radio, at the Kinks concert May 23, 1970 

1964's Battle of the Bands winner out of hundreds of bands